Past Performance - Future Success

Stratum Networks' resources support our customers seamlessly in their unique challenges and environment with proven, industry best practices and standards. Some of our customer successes include: 

Federal Network Architecture Support – MPLS and SDN

For over three years, Stratum Networks has supported Network Architecture by maintaining and enforcing standardized solutions across various technology products and protocols to meet the needs of the client. Stratum Networks resources provided specific, strategic direction and management across the client’s organization. Our resources were also responsible for:

  • Development of local and global network controls
  • Research, evaluation and selection for MPLS Traffic Engineering Modeling and Provisioning Tools
  • Direct involvement in SDN including input, evaluation, and mapping of SDN products against existing client requirements and functional needs
  • Implementation of cost-saving initiatives across networks

Satcom Systems Management

Stratum supports the global efforts of Governmental and Commercial satellite communication needs - from infrastructure to software, from bandwidth to ensuring the integrity and security of transmitted data, Stratum is a full-service provider of SATCOM solutions. 

Global Networks Support

Stratum provides support around the globe in managing and maintaining critical infrastructure and ensuring the availability of IT services across network hubs, field locations, and end-to-end tracking and reporting services. We support he management of the health, status, performance, and security of world-wide meshed networks and communication channels.

Federal Network Modeling and Simulation Services

Stratum Networks is currently providing several resources to support network modeling, planning and simulation services across environments, incorporating a variety of tools. Stratum provides network modeling services with a final deliverable demonstration to the customer “what” needs to be done and “how” it should be accomplished, scaled across the network. 

Federal Security Boundary Architecture Support and Improvement

Stratum is currently managing a customer’s Security Boundary Architecture. Our resources are evaluating new products and technologies for security architecture at a global level by working with functional teams to evaluate and confirm if adequate any new technologies or features outside of the currently approved and proven standardized solutions. Stratum resources resolved common challenges between operating units and functional verticals to enable the implementation of cooperative, secure, functional solutions. 

Federal Emergency Management Network Support 

Stratum Networks created and deployed a global, Public Safety network for a customer’s emergency management network involving a customized MPLS/Juniper network. Our resources identified and resolved on-going issues the customer was experiencing due to disparate networks and stakeholders. Our solution resolved the customer’s issues with a technology and protocol agnostic solution which allowed each customer location to coordinate its First Responders according to emergency management protocols. Stratum’s solution allowed the customer to provide remote dispatch of services and communications through mobile handsets, reducing points of failure.